An Cuong’s composite wall cladding is a better alternative to traditional timber cladding. Our wall cladding, made of recycled materials and constructed to survive the worst weather, makes your home without the need for any of the maintenance that comes with wood.

Product Advantages

An Cuong’s composite wall cladding, which can be put horizontally or vertically, can instantly transform the outside walls of any residential or commercial building due to its ease of installation and lightweight nature. 

Why choose An Cuong’s Wood Plastic Composite Wall Cladding?

  • Various shapes, sizes, and flexibility as per your needs.  
  • The product is eco-friendly and user-friendly, as it does not undergo chemical treatment.  
  • Durable and beautiful over time and can withstand any weather conditions.  
  • Meeting the standards for raw material density.  
  • Tested for fire resistance.  
  • Recycled materials, help protect the environment.

Our products

Wall panel
great-wall design

220 x 28 x 2900 mm

Wall panel
single layer

174 x 21 x 2900 mm


45 x 45 x 2900 mm


150 x 21 x 2900 mm

Single extrusion side panel,
sanded both sides

70 x 12 x 2900 mm