This warranty covers SPC flooring products manufactured by AN CUONG HIGH-TECH BUILDING MATERIALS JSC. This warranty document provides warranty conditions for SPC products applied in civil, commercial and industrial environments accepted from An Cuong.


  • An Cuong warrants that SPC flooring products will be free from manufacturing defects for a period of time, consistent with the relevant warranty period, from the date of product purchase.
  • SPC flooring products of An Cuong company are waterproof and will not be damaged in the structure when exposed at normal levels.
  • An Cuong ensures that the installed product will not wear protective film during normal use as follows:

Wear loss is defined herein as the wear layer that has been attenuated, worn or relatively damaged until the printing film layer is damaged, altered or otherwise affected under normal conditions of use.


Wear protective thickness

0.5 mm – 1mm

0.3 -0.4 mm

0.1 mm – 0.2 mm







25  years

10   years

20   years

5  years

5 years

3 years

  • An Cuong reserves the right to inspect any floor considered to be defective by the customer. Depending on the circumstances, An Cuong will appoint a representative of the company and / or an independent inspector to conduct the inspection.
  • This warranty covers only products that are properly installed and used, in accordance with An Cuong’s installation instructions with the recommended tools to use, to perform installation in An Cuong’s approved spaces.

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  • This warranty is non-transferable and applies only to the original purchaser.
  • An Cuong has final judgment and may deny a claim in certain cases. The amendment and supplement of annual warranty will be considered in accordance with An Cuong’s regulations.
  • A manufacturing defect must be reported within 30 days of the first day of receiving the goods.
  • An Cuong reserves the right to replace the floor in a way that is appropriate to An Cuong’s wishes in the case that An Cuong and the buyer cannot reach agreement on the cost or replacement method.
  • Fading, reducing gloss over time is considered normal and is not covered by the terms of the warranty in this document.



  • Errors related to the locking system due to warping, excessive roughness of the substrate, inappropriate backing materials, or excessive load. The product is not stored under normal temperature and humidity conditions.
  • Use adhesives with SPC flooring products unless recommended for use from documents issued by An Cuong.
  • Improper cleaning: tarnish because of soap, solution, chemicals, high concentration of detergents.
  • Cases where the product is concave or damaged by sharp objects. An Cuong SPC products are limited to surface strength not exceeding 63.5 kg / cm2
  • Damage caused by cigarette / cigar burning, floods, fires and other disasters.
  • Stains or color changes caused by dyes that are confirmed to be from carpets, coal, adhesives, oils or other similar materials; discoloration due to direct exposure to sunlight.
  • Quality and aesthetics, performance of An Cuong’s SPC products on foam, rubber and cork lining are different. SPC products can only be guaranteed quality when there is confirmation from An Cuong that the lining is suitable for the product.
  • SPC products installed on unstable, unsuitable or improperly prepared substrates, wet backgrounds or environments, high humidity or radiant heat exceeding 40 degrees Celsius.
  • Minor differences in nuances, colors, textures between the sample and the product delivered, or differences in shades caused by light at different installation positions.
  • Products with darker colors may show more scratches and dirt and require more care and hygiene during use. An Cuong is not responsible for products with feedback related to this matter.



SPC floor is used as an interior installation product, limiting use in areas exposed to moisture, liquids frequently, for a long time.

No person/representative unit, employee or agent without authorized by An Cuong’s representative has the right to modify or change the warranty statements in this document. This warranty provides customers with specific legal rights and they may also have other rights, depending on the region. To submit a complaint, contact the vendor for more information.