Quality control


Product quality has always been our top priority. Thus, all of our products go through rigorous quality control process to meet the highest standards.

Technical Data sheet

Testing items Standard Requirements Results 
Thickness, product without underlayment ISO 24337 ± 0.13mm Pass
Sizes, tolerance  – Length: ± 1mm
– Width: ± 0.15mm
Dimensional stability (6h, 80°C) ISO 23999 ≤ 0.2% (305mm) Pass
Curl (6h, 80°C) ISO 23999 ≤ 2mm Pass
Peel strength EN431 ≥20N (25mm, Wealayer 0.3mm)
≥30N (25mm, Wealayer 0.5mm)
Color fasteness ASTM F1515 ∆E ≤  8 Pass
Abrasion resistance ASTM D6040 ≥ 4500 cycles (Wearlayer 0.3mm)
≥ 6000 cycles (Wearlayer 0.5mm)
Opening between elements ISO 24337 – Average ≤ 0.1mm
– Invidual value ≤ 0.2mm
Height difference – Average ≤ 0.1mm
– Invidual value ≤ 0.15mm
Gloss ISO 2813 4-8 Gu Pass
Scratch resistance ISO 1518 ≥ 2000 grams Pass
Residual indentation ASTM F1914 ≤ 3% Pass
Static load ASTM F970-17 Pass 720 psi at 0.007”
Impact resistance ASTM F1265-03a No break or crack Pass
Resistance to chemical ASTM F925-13 No more than a slight change in the surface dulling, surface attack or staining Pass
Impact insulation class (IIC) ASTM E 492-09
ASTM E 989-18
N/a 69 db
Sound transmission class (STC) ASTM E 90-09
ASTM E 413-16
N/a 68 db
Burning behaviour EN 13501 BSf-1
Slip resistance EN 13893 Class DS
Static Coefficient of friction ASTM D2047-17 Dry: 0.42/ Wet: 0.61
Thermal resistance EN 12667 0.028 – 0.053 (        /Wm^2 K)
Formaldehyde emission EN 717 Class E1
Locking system   Uniclic