An Cuong SPC flooring – Be Beautiful and be cool, summer is no longer to be “scary”

First, let’s find out what An Cuong SPC flooring is?

As a special material, An Cuong SPC flooring has outstanding quality, exquisite colors, meets international standards for consumer health and safety. It also is an environmentally friendly material. In particular, it was made from quality natural materials at a closed production process, An Cuong SPC flooring is designed to meet the most stringent conditions, suitable for the hot and humid tropical climate of Vietnam.

Cooler in the summer

Perhaps you do not know, 30% of the indoor temperature will depend on the material of the floor. Especially in summer, 30% of this temperature can make your house much hotter. If your family has young children or elderly people, this becomes even more serious for their health. Therefore, An Cuong SPC flooring is an extremely necessary item to prevent the heat entering your home. Investing in the floor will help you reduce up to 20% of the room temperature, and the remaining 10% will depends on your own preference in choosing the color of your floor.

The structure of An Cuong SPC floor:

– The underlayment helps to reduce shocks, create smoothness, and create friction between the floor and the subfloor.

– SPC rigid core: made of superfine stone powder and high-grade primary plastic.

– Decorative printing: has very real color veins, extremely luxurious and delicate, based on the most popular designs.

– Wearlayer: helps prevent abrasion, plays the role of protecting the color film and helps the product to last for more than 20 years.

– UV coating on the top has the effect of increasing/ reducing the gloss of the floor surface, increasing the hardness of the surface to help reduce scratches, prevent fading, thereby making cleaning easier.

From the above structural characteristics, An Cuong SPC flooring has the property of preventing hot in the summer when the floor is not affected much by the temperature of the environment. That is, despite the hot and humid weather, An Cuong SPC flooring still brings a cool and comfortable feeling to the user. In addition, when paving the floor with An Cuong SPC floor, because the temperature is kept stable, when it is too affected by the weather outside, it will also save more electricity cause when you use air-conditioner, the cooling time will be faster.

Summer has come, consult An Cuong SPC flooring for your home!

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