Application of PVC wall panels in interior decoration

As a “green” material made from environmentally friendly materials, safe for users’ health, PVC wall panels are a material chosen by many people in interior decoration.

Features of PVC wall panels

Structure of An Cuong PVC wall panels

1 – High-quality decorative pattern film
2 – Safe materials from super-fine stone powder and high-class plastic
3 – Hollow cell structure for good sound and heat insulation
4 – Click-lock system makes it easy to install on any surface

  • This is an environmentally friendly material when made from natural raw materials (stone powder).
  • Outstanding durability: with the ability to withstand harsh environments with high humidity, PVC panels give the furniture durability of up to 20 years.
  • Water resistant, no termites, warping, simple and fast construction.
  • Easy to clean and maintain due to its smooth surface.
  • High aesthetics due to diverse and vivid colors and textures.

Application of PVC wall panels

PVC wall panels are used as furniture such as ceilings, decorative partitions, wall cladding … in hotels, resorts, office buildings, apartments, private houses, commercial centers, …

Decorative wall cladding

Lớp màng in PVC trên bề mặt giúp tạo màu sắc và vân cho tấm ốp, mang đến cho không gian nội thất trở nên sang trọng và bắt mắt.
The decorative pattern film on the surface helps to create colors and textures for the panels, giving the interior space a luxurious and eye-catching look.

Ceiling tiles

PVC panels are resistant to water and termites, so they can overcome the disadvantages of natural wood, often used in ceiling tiles, to help prevent moisture penetration into the ceiling system.

Kitchen cabinets

Using PVC wall panels for the kitchen brings a modern yet cozy look to your home

See more An Cuong’s PVC wall panels collection to choose the right model for your space.

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