Potential dangers when using low-quality PVC wall panels

On the market today, plastic interior panels are being sold widely, many types and many places sell of unknown origin, and poor quality. Buyers who do not choose carefully will have to bear heavy consequences, even “lost money”. Let An Cuong learn and find out how to choose the best quality plastic interior panels.

Identify low quality, cheap interior plastic panels
An Cuong’s high-grade PVC wall panels are made from new green materials of bamboo & fiber composition, with high-quality decorative film to anti-scratch coating.

However, for cheap plastic panels, to reduce costs, people use recycled plastic to make, which may contain many harmful chemicals such as chromium, lead, mercury… Especially Phthalate, when When exposed to hot temperatures, they easily separate from the ceiling panels. From there, it spreads to the indoor space, extremely dangerous for children when it causes the risk of asthma and allergies in children. For people with sensitive skin, it can also cause dermatitis.

Besides, poor-quality plastic interior panels will be very easily deformed. When used to cover the ceiling, it will be a dangerous position when the panel can slip and fall to the ground.

Criteria for evaluating good quality wall panels
High-grade PVC wall panels will be composed of green materials of bamboo & fiber composition, the composition ensures safety for users, and does not evaporate toxic gases that pollute the air. When buying, you need to hold and observe carefully, if you see that the panel has a bright white primary plastic core, without any impurities, it is a good quality panel. Compared to other materials, high-grade PVC wall panels are quite light, but still more compact than synthetic vinyl panels.

As a smart consumer, ask for a certificate of both ingredients and origin before deciding to buy. It is best to look for reputable dealers. As a manufacturer and distributor of high-grade PVC wall panels, An Cuong Building Materials now has agents nationwide, ready to serve customers.

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