The Right WPC Decking For A Public Space

Let’s explore why An Cuong composite materials make the perfect public space decking solution.

Whether you’re a developer, designer or architect, the inclusion of public space decking surrounding your resort, retail outlet or municipal building in your design gives a focal point for people to naturally interact. Design a space that is both practical and beautiful. Composite decking offers a durable, long-life solution that requires minimal maintenance.

Our composite decking offers several features that align it perfectly with the demands of a public space. NeoTimber® offers slip-resistant decking, ensuring the safety of the public and is also Class C fire-rated, making it suitable for low-rise developments, balconies and roof terrace decking.

Slip-Resistant & Long-Term Safety

As an architect or landscape designer, access and safety will be a primary priority within your theme. You will incorporate handrails for stairs and wide, ramped areas to ensure access for all.

An Cuong composite decking is designed to be slip-resistant with extra grip provided by the deep, embossed woodgrain or grooved finish. Thanks to the plastic element in the composite, the texture is engineered with slip resistance in mind. Expansion gaps allow for natural drainage of rainwater, preventing standing water, reducing slippage and ensuring the safety of visitors.

Sàn nhựa ngoài trời An Cường là sản phẩm hoàn hảo để tạo nền trung tính cho không gian sân vườn của bạn.
An Cuong WPC decking is the perfect way to create a neutral backdrop to your garden space.

Higher Durability

It cannot be escaped that timber decking looks fantastic, but we feel it is important to be aware of the long-term damage that can occur with the demands of heavy footfall. Heavy usage eventually results in breakages to the decking, such as splintered and snapped boards.

One of the many benefits of using composite material is that it is far sturdier than the traditional timber option. We have similarly supplied outdoor decking to areas with increased footfall, such as primary schools and residential care homes and the product continues to be the product of choice for many public spaces.

Low Maintenance

A design concept can look flawless on a screen. But the wrong materials can degrade rapidly and quickly look unloved. Specify a low-maintenance decking solution in composite decking and your decking installation will maintain its good looks and so will your reputation.

Composite decking never needs painting, it never needs sealing or varnishing. Public space decking is your ideal decking solution. Made of a strong fusion of wood fibers and plastic polymers, composite decking resists the effects of the elements protecting it against algae growth, warping, cracking and rotting.

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