Things to Consider When Choosing Flooring Material

The floor plays a very important part in your home. It’s where you walk on. It also supports your home’s furniture and fixtures. More importantly, it’s a part of your home’s foundation.

With these things in mind, you have to make the right choice. You can’t just base your decision on one or a couple of things. There are several things to consider when choosing flooring material and here are the most important ones:

Design, color, and style choices

Its appearance is probably your first consideration. Flooring should be functional, but it should also be appealing to look at. You’d want something that can bring out the beauty of your interiors so you need to find something that can match it.

This is why SPC Floor is popular. It offers countless designs, colors, and style choices. It doesn’t matter what your design preference is. You can find one that you’ll love.

Our products offer high-quality options that have beautiful, natural textures and luxurious appearances.
Our products offer high-quality options that have beautiful, natural textures and luxurious appearances.


This is going to be a significant investment so you have to make sure that it’s durable enough to last a long time. You can’t choose a material that won’t even last a year.

For this, you have to consider where you’re going to put it. High traffic areas are more demanding and would therefore require a more durable material.

You’d be happy to know that SPC floor is very durable. It’s so durable that it can be installed in high traffic areas. You can install it in your whole house. Installed by a competent professional, it can easily last a couple of decades.

Ease of installation

This is not to say that you should try to install it yourself. It’s always recommended that you hire a professional even if it’s very easy to install. Even so, you can benefit from something like SPC Floor that’s easy to install because that would mean a lower installation cost because the installer doesn’t have to use a lot of tools, materials, expertise, time, and effort to install it. You can save money this way.


Really, who wants to do regular maintenance on anything around the house? You’d want something as low maintenance as possible. You don’t want something that’s too demanding because of high maintenance needs.

Usually, these high-maintenance materials will quickly deteriorate if you don’t maintain them. They’re holding you hostage. Maintain them or else, you’ll lose your investment.

This is why SPC floor is a popular choice. It’s very low in maintenance. In most cases, regular sweeping to keep it dirt-free is all it takes. If there are stains, you just have to mop it up and clean it using a floor cleaner that’s designed for this material. But really, you don’t have to worry about stains too much with this material because the best ones have a clear layer that helps them resist stains.


This is also an important consideration especially for areas that can get wet or damp. But even in an area like your living room, you can still benefit from a water-resistant material.

SPC Floor, provided that it’s been installed correctly, is very water-proof. It’s so water-resistant that you can use it in your bathroom.

Với thành phần chính từ bột đá siêu mịn, sản phẩm sàn SPC hèm khóa có khả năng chống thấm nước và ngăn chặn tình trạng ẩm mốc phát triển.
The main component of SPC Flooring is superfine stone powder, it is water-proof which prevents mildew from developing.


If you have pets, the logical choices become limited. You wouldn’t want expensive hardwood flooring if you have pets unless you like the look of hardwood with scratches. Pet poop on the carpet is not pleasant as well.

SPC Floor is a safe choice if you have pets. There are scratch repair kits that you can buy. Pet poop can be easily cleaned.

If you’re worried about pet accidents and child’s messes, your best choice would be SPC flooring.
If you’re worried about pet accidents and child’s messes, your best choice would be SPC flooring.


It should be comfortable to walk on. Carpet is a top choice as far as comfort is concerned, but you also have to consider the other things.

SPC Floor is also a comfortable choice. It’s more comfortable to step on as compared to wood or stone. This is because of how it’s designed underneath with a layer of felt.


Should you be looking at stone tiles or wood flooring when you know that you can’t afford them? You have to set your budget and stick to it.

It’s all about value for money. This makes SPC Floor very popular. The value it offers at its price point is amazing, ensuring great returns on your investment.

As always, feel free to talk to a professional regarding these considerations.

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