In recent years, vinyl flooring is becoming a trend thanks to its high durability and almost no need to pay much attention during use. However, in order to improve the life of this kind of floor, keep the floor as beautiful as new and prolong its use, you need to have appropriate maintenance and cleaning methods.

Let An Cuong help you to learn how to clean vinyl floor through the following article!

Why should vinyl floors be cleaned regularly?

The floor is a place that touches the ground and for walking on it, so it is inevitable that dirt, water stains, grease or natural dirt can be avoided. The dirt stains on the floor for a long-time cause bacteria to grow and mold to multiply. Over time, it will break the structure of the floor, make it become old and ugly, and affect users’ health.

Therefore, regular cleaning of vinyl floors to remove stains on its surface is essential. Proper cleaning will help keep the floor surface clean. From there, it helps to ensure the user’s health, longer product life and as beautiful as new.

How to clean vinyl floors

Vinyl flooring has its own structure and characteristics, used in many areas (outdoor and indoor). Therefore, proper cleaning will help make the floor stand out in color and maintain its quality over time.

The following are detailed instructions for cleaning vinyl floors that’s from An Cuong’s experts.

  1. Cleaning indoor vinyl floor:

The way to clean vinyl floors in the house is quite simple. You just need to use a soft cotton brush, or a soft rag, dipped in warm water to clean the floor. Or use a vacuum cleaner to remove dirt from the floor. Because vinyl flooring has an anti-scratch coating, just using a soft and damp rag to wipe it once can clean the floor quickly. This saves labor and does not damage the surface.

You should also note:

  • Do not use a hard brush as it will accidentally scratch the surface,
  • Do not use highly acidic, abrasive cleaning solutions that can cause the floor to lose its coating, lead to rapid staining and reduce the life of the floor. You just need to use a mild detergent or choose a type specialized for vinyl floors to completely clean the stains.
  • Put carpet in front of the door, to help limit dirt from the outside, or to avoid the floor getting wet when you come back from the rain.
  • If you have pets, remember to regularly trim their nails to avoid scratching the floor surface of dogs and cats.
  • Pay attention when arranging/moving furniture: do not place objects with sharp edges/points directly on the vinyl floor surface. When you need to move furniture, you should lift it up, limit dragging objects on the floor to avoid scratches. In addition, you should not wear high heels on the floor.
  1. Properly clean outdoor vinyl floors:

Outdoor vinyl flooring is often installed in balconies, garden corridors, rooftops and for projects such as hotels, hospitals, swimming pools, coffee shops… Vinyl flooring has a special forming that is resistant to any external influences. Therefore, the effects of weather hardly change much to the quality and aesthetics of the floor.

However, outdoor vinyl flooring is not immune to dust, water and sand deposits. So how to make sure the outdoor floor surface is always clean? Cleaning vinyl floors in outdoor spaces only needs to be used with a booster faucet, or with a normal soft brush, the floor will be as clean as it was at first. For stubborn stains, specialized detergents can be used to remove them.

Hope the above tips will help you in preserving vinyl floors for long-term use!

In addition to proper daily cleaning, choosing quality products is especially important. Contact An Cuong now to buy genuine, high-quality plastic flooring!

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